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Together, We Commit to Inspiring Life Long Learners to Create A Better Future

  • Welcome to Eatonville High School!

    As Principal of Eatonville High School, one of the things I enjoy and appreciate most is that EHS students and teachers are focused on their respective roles.  All Cruisers know we have a job to do...and we work hard to do it well!  

    For example, students are busy making sure they are prepared and learning.  Teachers are committed to making sure what they teach is understood by all students.  We are not perfect, but each year we continue to make improvements in the rate of students earning a diploma, in student participation rates in athletics and activities, along with an increased awareness that we must help every student have a plan for life after graduation.

    The theme for the 2017-18 school year is… “Better Together!”  Our departments will focus this year on working together, in a school-wide effort to make this school year more cohesive and united than ever before.  We will spend quality time together in Professional Learning Communities to ensure that we collaborate cross-curricular activities to improve student learning.  By planning our work together...and then working our plan together...we will attain our goals.   

    We have non-negotiables such as: increasing College Bound scholarship rates, equity in Advanced Placement courses and testing opportunities, enhancing Science and Math teaching strategies via our SER2 federal grant, development in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math rigor, and maintaining one of the highest graduation rates in our region.  With that being said, the 2017-18 school year initiatives include:


    • Success on the Professional Learning Community (PLC) journey.
    • Expanding Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID).
    • Supporting one another - on a continuous basis - as we interact and  visit each other’s classroom.
    • Gain depth in understanding/applying the 5 Dimensions of Teaching & Learning.


    A personal highlight of the school year for me is greeting students on the graduation stage.  Shaking their hands and congratulating each student invigorates me as a parent and as a Principal.  But what matters most, of course, are the days, weeks and years after graduation day!  There is no greater joy than to know the students who walk across that stage are prepared for the unknown that awaits them.  

    Thank you for your leadership role in helping all Cruisers to become college and career ready, so that their first steps into adulthood are successful.    

    Let’s work together to make this school year better than ever at Eatonville High.  


    John Paul Colgan


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