Student Preparation

  •       Thank you for being part of your child's educational team. Your support and influence is critical to his or her academic success. Your efforts are welcomed, encouraged and appreciated. You help make each day the best learning day for your child.
    Student Transportation

          At Eatonville School District, we take our transportation rules very seriously. Here are a few such rules:

    • Please remember that riding on the school bus is a privilege and not a right.
    • Cooperate with the transportation staff at all times.
    • Be ready at the bus stop to board the bus when it arrives.
    • Wait in an orderly line.
    • Cooperate if assigned a seat
    • Do not carry harmful or dangerous articles. Explosives, firearms, fireworks, guns that shoot metallic or nonmetallic BBs or pellets,  replica guns, knives, weapons, mace, tear gas, etc., are prohibited.
    • Do not carry or use tobacco.
    • Do not write upon, disfigure, or destroy school property.

          Testing for advanced placement classes typically occur in early May for Calculus, History and English.  This testing takes place in the High School's Career Center. 

          The fee for each exam $86. The College Board provides a $22 fee reduction per exam for students with acute financial need - in some cases as little as $5 will be charged per exam - for Fee Waivers see Mr. Edwards.

          Tests will be ordered in March for all students who have paid, (see Mrs Hirska, Main Office).  There will be a $50 additional fee for late orders.